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Google Analytics helps you understand your audience. It shows you how people find you, which content is most popular, where your visitors are located, and much more. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to block hits from spam referrals, exclude your IP address, track downloads, and enable demographic reports. This is how I set up Google […]

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Making sure your website is accessible is so important. When your website is accessible, the content can be accessed by everyone. People with disabilities may access your website using assistive technology. These “disabilities” include blindness, partial blindness, dyslexia, elderly users, deafness, partial deafness, cognitive or physical conditions, and more. When you follow best practices for accessibility, […]

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Last week, on September 21, 2015, I attended the second annual Beyond the Code conference in Ottawa. Sponsored by Shopify and organized by Bronwyn Kelly and Anna Lambert, the event was inspired by Lambert’s own frustrations at tech conferences. Two years ago, Anna was frustrated by the lack of women speakers featured at tech conferences. At one […]

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On Saturday September 27, 2014, Ladies Learning Code held their second annual National Learn to Code Day (#llcCodeDay). In seventeen cities across Canada, over 700 men, women, and children participated in twenty-two workshops on HTML & CSS. Melissa Sariffodeen from Ladies Learning Code mentioned that 4 workshops were happening simultaneously – just in Toronto! Last […]

Some of the participants at National Learn to Code Day, hosted by Shopify Toronto on September 27, 2014.