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Connecting Zapier to your website opens a world of possibilities. You can automate social sharing, send project inquiries to a spreadsheet, connect your website to your project management software, and even connect MailChimp subscribers to Paypal. A strategically connected website is a game-changer for your business and Zapier is a powerful tool for creating those connections. […]

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Making sure your website is accessible is so important. When your website is accessible, the content can be accessed by everyone. People with disabilities may access your website using assistive technology. These “disabilities” include blindness, partial blindness, dyslexia, elderly users, deafness, partial deafness, cognitive or physical conditions, and more. When you follow best practices for accessibility, […]

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I love any tool that helps me work more efficiently. I’ve written before about how Evernote is a big part of my organizational workflow. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how to streamline tasks in my web design & development workflow. Learning SASS, Git (version control), and configuring a bunch of Sublime Text packages for automating […]